Profitable Ideas: The Getting Rich Quadrant, Money-Making Lessons From Airbnb Hosts, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

The getting rich quadrant (Safal Niveshak). Some very important truths about building wealth, illustrated very well. 

Nobody told me (Humble Dollar). One of today’s best personal finance writers on the 10 things he would have liked to know about money when he was in his 20s.

Some bull market reminders (A Wealth of Common Sense). Everyone’s an investing genius during bull markets.

The best password managers to secure your digital life (Wired). With so much of our financial lives online these days, password protection is more important than ever.

Your employer is putting more of your money in a 401(k)—that’s a good thing (MarketWatch). But it still probably isn’t enough. Aim for at least 10 percent of gross income.

We were Airbnb hosts for 3 years — here’s what we learned (and earned!) (Financial Mechanic). An interesting peak behind the scenes from a couple that has made good money by renting some of their rooms.

Too nice for the likes of us: Why buying fancy stuff makes us miserable (The Guardian). Why owning a luxury item may end up making you feel bad.

Don’t just let your 401(k) ride into the future, it needs love and attention (USA Today). What are you investing in through your workplace plan and why?

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