Profitable Ideas: When the Market Doesn’t Make Sense, Asking a College for More Financial Aid, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Making sense of a stock market that doesn’t make any sense (A Wealth of Common Sense). What to make of a market that rises on bad news.

What would you do differently? (The Financial Bodyguard). Ways we should all build stronger safety nets. 

The ‘no trade’ declaration offers instant clarity and more joy to your life (Becoming Minimalist). A powerful piece on rethinking the cost of trade-offs that have become routine.

Reinventing your career in the time of coronavirus (HBR). Whether you’re out of work or simply taking this time of upheaval to reconsider your career, here are some productive ways to move forward.

Why you don’t want nice things (Financial Mechanic). I could relate to this piece because we’re thinking of replacing our 17-year-old van and I already know how much I’ll miss not being concerned about it getting bumped or bruised.

How to ask a college for more financial aid (NY Times). A number of free and inexpensive services are available to help you determine whether you may be able to get a better offer, and if so, how.

The office you left is not going to be the office you return to (Bloomberg). How companies are remaking their now-empty workspaces as they prepare for their employees’ return.

When you have no idea what happens next (Collaborative Fund). Preparing for “A world that history shows is both a growth machine and a continuous chain of unforeseen agony.”

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