Profitable Ideas: Best Investing Advice for Teens, Your Chances of Getting Audited, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

What’s the best investing advice parents can give teenagers? (A Teachable Moment). When it comes to investing, kids have an invaluable asset: time.

What are the real chances your taxes will get audited by the IRS this year? (Money). In short, very small. Unless…

Your brother (or sister or mother) is asking for money. What now? (NY Times). How to navigate what’s likely to be an awkward conversation. 

When Should You Stop Supporting Your Child Financially? (Money Ning). This is a tough one for a lot of parents.

‘It barely takes an hour out of my day’: Meet the people spreading kindness (Positive News). I love articles like this. Has the pandemic prompted any new generosity habits in your household?

The 27 greatest decluttering tips of all time (Apartment Therapy). Less stuff leads to more space — physical and emotional space.

How can I trust God in my husband’s job loss? (The Gospel Coalition). Bringing faith into a tough situation that’s impacting a lot of people right now.

Try this systems-based approach to personal finance (The Simple Dollar). How mapping the flow of money in your life can lead to more effective money management.

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