Profitable Ideas: Help Really Wanted, The Give-and-Take Tax Credit, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

$30,000 signing bonuses, childcare help: what companies are doing to attract workers (CNN). It’s a job-hunter’s market.

How the stock market works (A Wealth of Common Sense). A few things everyone should know about investing.

Designed for significance (Becoming Minimalist). “Our lives hold far greater potential than the comfort and luxury most of us trade them for.”

The 3 reasons why I don’t count my house in my net worth (Mr. Money Wizard). If it tempts you to spend it, don’t count it.

Warning: you may have to pay back your monthly child tax credit payments (Kiplinger). Wow, it’s complicated.

Understanding the harsh reality of athletic scholarships (A Teachable Moment). A lot of parents pour a lot of time and money into their kids’ athletic pursuits. That’s fine, as long as you’re not counting on a full ride to college.

How to negotiate your current job instead of joining the great resignation (Fast Company). Working out better terms for your current gig might be better than pursuing a new one.

Giving to missions work (Crown). Are you investing in the great commission?

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