Profitable Ideas: Robinhood is Coming for College Kids, The Psychology of Saving, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

Robinhood hits campus, where credit card companies fear to tread (NY Times). How well does the college student in your life understand investing? If not very well, that free t-shirt may come at quite a cost.

God doesn’t need your good works (but your neighbor does) (Acton Institute). What does it mean to bring a biblical perspective to our work?

Confessions of an Airbnb host: what it’s really like to rent out a house, warts and all ( There’s something appealing about this to a lot of us. What’s the reality?

I have a 2008 car with 185k miles on it. Should I pay $3,000 to repair it? (Clark Howard). What would YOU do in this situation?

The psychology of saving habits (Morningstar). Interesting study, and more evidence of what a complicated, emotional relationship we have with money.

Negotiate a better deal (Kiplinger). How to save on homes, cars, and more. For more on this topic, read, Save Money Just By Asking

Benefits to evaluate during employee open enrollment (US News). If you have access to employer-subsidized health insurance and other such benefits, you may not realize what great benefits they are. You should see how much we pay for health insurance!

Dangerous feelings (Collaborative Fund). Getting rich and staying rich require two very different skill sets.

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