Profitable Ideas: Social Media Is All About The Sale, Mental Accounting, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

Will TikTok make you buy it? (NY Times). Influencing is so yesterday. Now it’s all about the direct sale.

What’s the best way to set financial goals? (A Teachable Moment). Think about one of your financial goals. What aspects of it can you control?

Going mental (Humble Dollar). A helpful type of accounting, no CPA required. 

A budget is the first step to financial wellness. Here’s how to get started (CNBC). Are you using the single most powerful tool for wise money management? 

Is it safe to have banking and investing apps on my phone? (Clark Howard). In short, yes. As long as you use the proper precautions.

How to winter-proof your home (before it’s too late) (Living Well, Spending Less). Now’s the time to get your house cold-season ready.

12 best discount shopping apps (US News). What’s your go-to money-saving app?

9 things you’ll regret keeping in a safe deposit box (Kiplinger). Should you keep the original copy of your will in a safe deposit box? Click to find out. (And is “original copy” an oxymoron?)

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