Profitable Ideas: The Art of Money, Adding Crypto Assets to an Estate Plan, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

The art of money (The Root of All). Managing money well requires more than a calculator.

‘You don’t have to make more than you neighbor or drive a better car.’ Why he ditched the Bay Area for Colorado—buying a house in 15 minutes he’d never seen in person. (MarketWatch). Where you live will impact your finances in more ways than you might guess.

The world’s happiness countries for 2022 (CNN). The timeless, powerful lesson of Acts 20:35—an other-centered life is a happy life.

How to get out of debt and win in five simple steps (Luke1428). For more on this, read Practical Steps for Getting Out of Debt.

10 simple tips for better investing (Peter Lazaroff). A lot of investment wisdom packed into a small space.

4 ways to create a less volatile portfolio (A Wealth of Common Sense). Practical steps for dealing with all the craziness going on right now.

The fastest way to get your tax refund (US News). Is the check in the mail? Here’s how to find out.

What happens to your crypto assets when you die? (Kiplinger). If no one has access to your crypto keys, your crypto assets could be gone forever.

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