Profitable Ideas: A Hard Truth About Investing, How to Safely Earn Nearly 10 Percent, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Nobody wants to tell you this (A Teachable Moment). A hard truth — doing the right things doesn’t guarantee success in investing.

Timely tips for investors to deal with today’s worst challenges (Kiplinger). Some good reminders for times like this.

5 things to know about series I savings bonds (Clark Howard). Here’s the main thing you need to know: a 9.62% interest rate!

You passed the IRA income limits, where should your next dollar go? (Gen Y Planning). Other ways to invest through a Roth IRA if your income disqualifies you.

Why “free” robo-advisors aren’t really free (Morningstar). As with most things, “free” usually comes with a cost that isn’t readily apparent.

More isn’t the answer (Humble Dollar). It’s so hard to get off this treadmill, but setting a financial finish line can help.

How to figure out if you can actually afford that new home (NY Times). The math goes beyond the monthly mortgage.

College students expect to make $103,880 after graduation — almost twice the reality (USA TODAY). Have a college-bound child under roof? Be sure they have realistic expectations about what their chosen field pays. 

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