Profitable Ideas: A Different Way to Stop Wasting Money, Whether Christians Should Bet on Sports, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

One way to stop wasting money: choose bigger goals (Becoming Minimalist). Thinking beyond our own wants and needs can help us use money more intentionally.

The only equation that matters (Fortunes and Frictions). For those teaching personal finance at home.

Americans have tip fatigue — post-pandemic, dinners are less inclined to tip generously for take-out (CNBC). Has your tipping changed as we have gotten further away from the worst of the pandemic?

Should a Christian bet on sports? (The Gospel Coalition). Betting on sports is so common that many don’t give it a second thought. But is it consistent with our faith?

Do you have to pay taxes on student loan forgiveness? Yes, if you live in these 7 states (USA TODAY). For those who qualify to have their loans wiped out, this gift may come with strings attached.

Short-term savings options: which one is right for you? (Money Ning). Finally, the interest rates on savings accounts have gotten meaningful again. 

Five uncomfortable facts about investing (Banker on Fire). To be an investor requires getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

3 reasons to view your career through the lens of stewardship (Christianity Today). “What could be more humbling than realizing our career paths aren’t about resumes, but about God saying to each of us, ‘Here is what I have for you, will you join me in redeeming my Creation?’”

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