Profitable Ideas: This is Your Brain on Stuff, The End of Credit Cards, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Everything you can’t have (Collaborative Fund). “Your brain doesn’t want stuff. It doesn’t even want new stuff. It wants to engage in the process and anticipation of getting new stuff.”

The vehicles we choose to drive (Becoming Minimalist). Come for the Harvey Mackay quote, then stick around for the rest of the article.

How to make (and stick to) a budget (Relevant Magazine). Don’t let the title put you off. This is really an article about contentment, a really good article about contentment.

Companies save billions of dollars by giving employees fake “manager” titles, study shows (CBS Money Watch). Beware the big title.

The hidden link between workaholism and mental health (The Atlantic). Three ideas for those who work too much.

The money move that has people ditching their banks (Wall Street Journal). Why settle for so little interest?

Extreme couponing is back. But it’s on TikTok this time (Marketplace). Everyone likes to save money, even young people!

Will digital wallets kill credit cards? (The Ascent). Everything is moving to the phone.

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