Profitable Ideas: Everyone Wants a Tip, Tag Those Bags, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Those iPad screens are getting us to tip more—way more (Wall Street Journal). How “dark design” spurs us to give.

Don’t store cash in Venmo and PayPal, US regulator warns (CNN). There are few, if any, protections for such money.

More than half of Gen Z holds investments, and most got started before turning 21 (Money). I love the idea of young people getting started with investing, as long as they understand what they’re investing in and can trust the people giving them advice.

How to know if you’re living with a ‘money avoider’ (MarketWatch). And how to get them talking about their least favorite topic.

Dave Ramsey faces $150M lawsuit for promoting company accused of fraud (CBS via Yahoo Finance). When advice is given, it’s important to know whether there are any conflicts of interest.

14 attributes of greatness (Art of Manliness). Lots of good insights here, with implications for career management and many other spheres of life.

Should I buy an AirTag for my checked airport luggage (Clark Howard). In a word, yes!

What Gen X needs to know about their aging parents’ finances (Kiplinger). It can be difficult to open up these conversations, and it’s so important.

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