Profitable Ideas: Keeping the Last Time in Mind, A Close Encounter With Retirement, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

The last time always happens now (Raptitude). A wonderful piece with helpful, challenging implications for using money well.

Taking back control over technology (Thinq). I’m not sure we need to purchase this entrepreneur’s solution, but the conversation is worth listening to and acting on.

Amazon wants you to pay with your palm. It’s a sneak attack on Apple and Google. (Wall Street Journal). Is it just me, or are payment methods becoming creepier? This one uses “near-infrared light to peer through a person’s hand and capture the unique pattern of blood vessels inside.”

The evolution of retirement (A Wealth of Common Sense). This piece highlights the historically unique opportunity many of us will have in the last season of life—not to live a life of leisure, but of continued impact.

My husband just retired. I’m scared to death of running out of money. (Washington Post). A personal finance columnist has a close encounter with retirement—a life stage she has spent decades helping others prepare for. 

Oddly satisfying: What’s behind our drive to collect useless items? (The Guardian). Are you a collector? Do you know why?

Frugal vs. cheap — what’s the difference? (The White Coat Investor). I’ve long resisted the word “frugal.” But let’s face it, “cheap” is far worse. Read also The Case Against Frugality 

The mighty power of the pen (Contessa Capital). How one incredibly simple step can increase your odds of success.

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