Profitable Ideas: An $80,000-a-Year Gamble, The Overindulged Child, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Should I let my kid take an $80,000-a-year gamble on college financial aid with an early decision application? (MarketWatch). It’ll improve the odds of getting accepted, but it’s binding so make sure you’re all in.

Credit bureaus announce big changes for credit reports (Clark Howard). Now you can pull your credit report once a week if you’d like to.

Gradually, then suddenly (Tony Hixon). Where will you be in 20 years because of the habits you practice today?

How to talk about money without stressing yourself out (Fatherly). It’s important to talk about money with your loved ones, but how you talk about it is especially important.

More young adults are living at home across the U.S. Here’s why. (CBS Money Watch). It’s easy to think of this as “failure to launch,” but the reality is more nuanced.

The critical importance of discipling kids at home (National Christian Foundation). Parents, you’re the best person to teach your kids about matters of faith, about money, and more. And if we don’t know the answers, why not let that motivate us to find the answers?

Are you overindulging your kids? Ask yourself these 4 questions (CNBC). To paraphrase an author I like, one of the greatest mistakes well-meaning parents make is doing too much for their kids.

Many savers are calculating retirement goals ‘off the top of their head’ (Money). Far better to run some numbers, and there are some helpful free tools available like Fidelity’s Retirement Score.

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