Profitable Ideas: A Big Financial Myth, A Money-Making Machine, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

A big financial myth (The Root of All). Can more money buy you more time?

The 3 types of jobs (A Wealth of Common Sense). I used to think there are generally two types of jobs—those that are inherently meaningful and those that are a means to an end. But these are some helpful distinctions as well, especially for those who are early in their career.

FAFSA vs. CSS Profile (The College Financial Lady). If you have a college-bound child under roof, especially one applying to a private school, you may have to tell all about your finances—twice.

Living with a sense of urgency (This Evergreen Home). Time is more valuable than money, so we should spend it well.

6 keys to helping adult “kids” transition to financial independence (MoneyNing). There’s no need to rush the kids out of the house, but they shouldn’t linger too long, either. Here’s how to move them along.

‘You think it’s going to be a money-making machine’: how modern life killed the hobby (Independent). Thought-provoking piece about the cost of putting a price on everything.

Most Americans expect to outlive their money in retirement. Will you? (Kiplinger). Many are the scary articles about people’s lack of preparedness for retirement, but we should read one every now and then as a reminder to make sure we’re doing enough. 

God takes our stinginess or generosity personally (Eternal Perspective Ministries). “A wise person will regularly ask, ‘Lord, what do you want me to do with all you have put in my hands?’”

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