Profitable Ideas: The Price of Success, Random Acts of Kindness, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

The price of success (A Wealth of Common Sense). Life is a series of trade-offs. Knowing what matters more is really important. 

The risk-taking activity that ‘helicopter parents’ should allow their kids to experience (CNN). It’s risky to encourage our kids to play it too safe.

Random acts (Humble Dollar). If your giving has become routine, here’s a great way to shake things up.

How to fall in love with your life (Becoming Minimalist). A good roadmap to a better life.

30 things you can do today to reduce debt (No Sidebar). These ideas are not just about reducing debt, they’re about spending wisely. There’s bound to be an idea or two here that you could use.

A few laws of getting rich (Collaborative Fund). Some great insights about just how messy money can get.

How much should I spend on groceries? (US News). It’s the third highest-cost item for most families, so having a benchmark can be helpful. A few money-saving tips will help as well.

Raising faithful stewards (Eternal Perspective Ministries). Wonderful ideas for getting kids started on a good financial path. (I have a few thoughts on this as well in Trusted: Preparing Your Kids for a Lifetime of God-Honoring Money Management.) 

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