Profitable Ideas: Startling Stats, The Tipping Point, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

15 startling stats that show the unprecedented nature of our lifestyle today (Becoming Minimalist). A stark depiction of our consumer culture.

The dark side of touch-screen tipping (BBC). I think we’ve reached a tipping point (sorry!) where everyone seems to expect a tip.

God’s generosity changes us (FaithFi). We were made in God’s image and one of God’s most defining characteristics is generosity.

If you’re a parent with children at home, these are the ‘golden years’ (Daily Citizen). Get this: “By the time your children turn 18, you’ll have, on average, spent 95% of all the time you’ll ever spend with them.” Parents, drink in the days when your kids are still at home.

Teens are exhausted by phone notifications but don’t know how to quit, report finds (CNN). I highly recommend watching “The Social Dilemma”—ideally, with your kids, if they are about 12 or older. The common advice among those who used to work for various social media platforms was, “Turn off notifications.” 

Saving more in a 401(k) can now boost your college financial aid (Wall Street Journal). The new financial aid determination process embedded in the redesigned FAFSA is bringing many changes, but this is one I didn’t know about. See also, FAFSA 2.0: Revamped College Financial Aid Process Rolls Out

Americans relying less on cash, more on credit cards may pay more fees. Here’s why (USA TODAY). Yet another example of “Free, free, free…fee!”

15 best apps for buying and selling used stuff (US News). Tools to help you declutter, and maybe pick up a little cash.

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