Profitable Ideas: Doing Good Work, Long-Term Gains, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

The longer I do this, the less I care about results (Ryan Holiday). Doing good work in a world obsessed with followers, likes, and hearts.

4 charts that explain the stock market (A Wealth of Common Sense). Long-terms gains come with plenty of short-term pain.

As Ireland’s smartphone school ban is approved, the town where it all began (Positive News). “It’s really important for them to be in a place where they can be happy and enjoy being out, just being children.”

Discipling your family in generosity (Generous Giving). One couple’s story of fostering generosity in the lives of their children.

Nobody wants nothing (Abnormal Returns). Do your kids a favor and clear the clutter!

Here’s what counts (The College Financial Lady). For parents with college-bound kids…

All the things we should do before we die (but don’t) (The Woke Salaryman). Important things you don’t want to think about, but really should.

How I handled an unexpected inheritance (Morningstar). All too often, money acquired suddenly is just as suddenly lost. But not in this case.

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