Profitable Ideas: Goodbye Mint, Experiencing a Better Christmas, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Goodbye Mint, hello…? (Sound Mind Investing). My go-to budgeting app is shutting down. Such a bummer! Thankfully, there are alternatives. 

How to make your holiday more about experiences and less about gifts (No Sidebar). You don’t have to eliminate gifts all together, but making certain experiences part of your Christmas tradition will probably create more memories than what’s under the tree.

Frugal vs. independent (Collaborative Fund). Frugal by choice is the best type of frugal.

Do you tip more or less than the average American? (Pew Research). Tipping has gotten out of control. This interactive piece may make you feel better (or worse!) See also, Tipping culture in America: public sees a changed landscape.  

Giving, the gift of happiness (Eternal Perspective Ministries). A reminder that it really is more blessed to give than receive.

For a good job by 30, do this in your 20s (Wall Street Journal). “The path to a good job still runs through college campuses.”

Nine financial tips these experts wish they knew a long time ago (Kiplinger). For most of us, there’s something about money that we wish we had learned sooner.

Your parents want to help you buy a house? Ensure this dream come true doesn’t turn into a nightmare ( It can be a wonderful gift, just beware the strings that may be attached.

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