Profitable Ideas: The No-Cost Lifestyle Upgrade, The Gift of Money, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

How to upgrade your lifestyle without spending an extra penny (Becoming Minimalist). Quality over quantity is a path to a better experience with money.

Financial gift ideas for any age (Wall Street Journal). It always fits, and it’s always the right color.

Technology in the family home: add before you subtract (Public Discourse). One parent’s quest to model the healthy use of tech.

‘We’re killing the youth of America’: calls grow for crackdown on US gambling (The Guardian). “Access to legal gambling, once confined to casinos and racetracks, now sits in millions of pockets across the country…‘This is the first generation where this is normal.’”

How multiple kids in college affects financial aid (US News). Families in this situation will get less help under rules that govern the new FAFSA.

Is giving stock to kids a good idea? There might be a better way to teach them about money. (MarketWatch). While it’s a well-intentioned idea, it may teach the wrong lessons about investing.

What’s your why? (Morningstar). Reflecting on investing lessons learned early, and what really matters when you have money in the markets.

What is liquid net worth? [And why it’s so important] (Of Data and Dollars). How well can you handle financial risk?

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