Profitable Ideas: Looking the Part, Just Say “No,” and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Don’t roll your eyes: looking the part could land you that job (Wall Street Journal). How to dress for success — it’s different industry by industry.

Jonathan Haidt: I’m worried about the boys, too (The Free Press). He has chronicled the harmful impact of social media on tween girls, but there are reasons to be concerned about boys as well.

Think twice before scanning a QR code—it could lead to identity theft, FTC warns (CBS Money Watch). Their use has grown dramatically, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by scammers.

How to teach your kids money lessons by saying no (MoneyNing). Saying “no” is often very difficult for parents, but so beneficial.

5 common failures in personal finance (Best Interest). Are any of these financial landmines in your path?

It’s just a tip (VOX). This may be the personal finance story of the year—how to navigate a world where everyone seems to expect a tip.

Should I take my care to a dealership for oil changes and maintenance or find cheaper prices elsewhere? (Clark Howard). I normally agree with Clark’s advice, but not this time. I always take our cars to the dealer for maintenance. We keep our cars a long time and want to make sure they are maintained and repaired by brand-trained mechanics. Counterpoint?

Parents, just say no to raising a failed adult (Kiplinger). It’s ironic but true that oftentimes the factors that helped a parent become successful (hard work, failure) are the very things they find themselves helping their kids avoid.

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