Profitable Ideas: Your Money Or Your Life, How Young People Are Buying Homes, and More

Weekly collection of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Your money or your life (Of Dollars and Data). Helpful ways of thinking about what money is really worth to you.

Millennials have found a way to buy houses: living with mom and dad (Washington Post). People may criticize this trend as a “failure to launch,” but maybe this is a very practical way to launch well.

How social media influences us to buy (Becoming Minimalist). It has done much to weave consumerist messages into the fabric of daily life. See also, this interview with Senator Katie Britt, who is advocating for stronger parental involvement in their kids’ use of social media. 

The sports gambling industry needs reform (Slow Boring). “Having a highly addictive vice like mobile sports gambling sitting in your pocket all day is a real problem.”

The worst house emergencies that come without warning (and how to prepare for them) (Lifehacker). It’s impossible to get ahead of every potential problem before it becomes an actual problem, but it’s worth the effort to be on the lookout for some.

Why we pulled our kids from club sports (The Gospel Coalition). How one family swam against the strong current of our culture.

Stewardship tips for a happy New Year (Crown). Good ideas for setting financial goals for the new year in faith.

7 tips for how to deal with sentimental items (No Sidebar). When decluttering, these can be the most difficult items to let go of.

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