Profitable Ideas: Raising Kids in a Consumerist World, How to Talk Money With Your Spouse, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Your new $3,000 couch might be garbage in three years. This is why. (Wall Street Journal). Planned obsolescence is everywhere these days.

How to raise kids in a consumerist world (Becoming Minimalist). Good ideas for helping our kids live in the world without becoming of the world.

Fracking eyeballs (Asterisk). I always find it fascinating and helpful (and sometimes scary!) to get a peek inside the science of advertising. 

Forced (Finding Joy). Practical applications of physics, with lots of implications for how we manage money.

Respect the accomplishments, don’t envy the person (A Wealth of Common Sense). Stay for the Michael Crichton quote.

This is how to spend your money to maximize happiness (Barking Up the Wrong Tree). Helpful insights for how to best orient our use of money.

10 steps for having better money conversations with your spouse (Kiplinger). Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

How teen online gambling is a growing concern for parents (Psychology Today). Definitely an area where parents should be proactive in teaching and setting healthy boundaries.

What’s a dark pattern and has it already cost you money? (US News). More insights into how marketers get us to part with more money.

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