Profitable Ideas: Money Regrets, The Comparison Game, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

80% of Americans say they have financial regrets—here are the most common ones (Money). Learning from other people’s mistakes can yield priceless lessons.

Teen’s financial literacy bus teaches kids about money (Good Morning America). Very cool that he’s not just putting the lessons to work in his own life, but he’s teaching others. Peer-to-peer learning can be very powerful.

How to make your life less hectic (Prime Cuts). Time is an invaluable asset. Here’s a good way to make sure you’re investing it well.

Ten life tips that need to be taught in high school (A Teachable Moment). Even better to teach them at home.

5 financial red flags in relationships (Kiplinger). If any of these flags are flying before you get married, they aren’t going to magically turn green after getting married.

It’s better to drive an old car than be burdened by new debt (Becoming Minimalist). Learning to consider the opportunity cost can lead to better financial decisions.

You think you’re doing fine in life, until you hear a friend is doing better (Wall Street Journal). We probably don’t even realize just how much we play the comparison game.

“This isn’t working for me”: 10 reasons budgeters give up (Sound Mind Investing). Especially in the early days of using a budget, it can be tempting to quit. Give it more time.

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