Profitable Ideas: Return on Sleeplessness, Your Work Matters, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Return on sleeplessness (Best Interest). Are you investing in a way that allows you to rest well?

Why we should talk about money more often (Darius Foroux). Disclosure begets disclosure, and before you know it, money isn’t such a taboo topic any more. 

Turning pro: the difference between amateurs and professionals (Farnam Street). Are you trying to create something great? Your mindset matters.

The best way to get things done (Of Dollars and Data). Are you all about getting a lot done, or getting the right things done?

4 retirement tips young adults can implement NOW (MoneyNing). Time is an invaluable asset.

Imagine it’s your last year. What would you do differently? (Becoming Minimalist). Don’t write this off as trite. Considering this scenario can be a big help in setting priorities.

A solution to the retirement crisis? Americans should work for more years, BlackRock CEO says (CBS Money Watch). When do you expect to retire?

Our work done to God’s glory matters to Him, for all eternity (Eternal Perspective Ministries). God is at work in our work. All we have to do is notice.

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