Profitable Ideas: When a Want Becomes a Need, Buffett’s Secret to Success, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

How to distinguish between wants and needs (Becoming Minimalist). The lines are not as clear as you might think.

Understanding the 4 key 529 plan fees and expenses (Saving For College). You’re not restricted to your state’s plan (although you should probably use it if your state offers a state income tax deduction or credit for contributions), so it’s worth comparing plans.

Answers to tough financial questions (Howard Dayton via FaithFi). One of the most respected teachers of biblical money management weighs in on a variety of topics.

The one question you need to cultivate wisdom (Fast Company). “Anticipated regret is a form of wisdom.”

Why do people make “bad” financial decisions? (Of Dollars and Data). Replacing judgement with empathy.

Reclaim your time: conquer the 4 major time wasters (LifeHack). Time is our most valuable asset. And yet, so much of it slips away.

The secret to Warren Buffett’s success (Tony Hixon). It was an honor to have this post on Tony’s blog.

Why Clark says you should ‘ignore’ Paze as trendy new payment option (Clark Howard). If you haven’t heard of Paze yet, you probably will soon.

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