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Getting Started With a Budget
Using a budget is one of the smartest money management moves you could make. For guidance on using a paper & pencil system, read the Budget Quick Start Guide and make use of the Cash Flow Plan, Cash Flow Tracker, and Recommended Spending Guidelines, all found in the Resources section. For help using the online tool, watch my tutorials here, here, and here. And for help with the Envelope system, read this article.

Remember, “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.” – Proverbs 21:5

Be Prepared

News of the devastating earthquake in Italy prompted Consumer Reports to remind readers about the importance of having and safeguarding certain financial documents. It put together a helpful list showing where to keep various documents. A comprehensive, easily accessible list of emergency phone numbers should be part of every household’s emergency preparedness plan as well. […]

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Online Budget Tools Put to the Test

Last month I mentioned that I was planning to switch from a traditional version of Quicken to one of the newer free online “financial aggregators.” The traditional software version ties you to one computer, whereas the online tools provide access via any computer. While I’m not done with my evaluation, here are a few things […]

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Calculate Your Financial Comeback

If you’re like most people, your investment accounts took a beating in 2008. Wondering when you might recover from those losses? The New York Times has a free online calculator that’ll help you estimate an answer to that question. Of course, no one knows what future market returns will be. And a wise person once […]

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A Fresh Start

Money matters usually rank among people’s top New Year’s resolutions and this year is no different.  MarketWatch reported on one of the many resolution surveys in which “Get out of debt or save money” came in as the number one New Year’s commitment. In fact, 90 percent of survey respondents had a money-related goal on […]

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Spending Smart

While we can’t control what’s happening in the stock market we can control what’s happening in our homes, and now is an especially good time to look for ways to spend smarter. U.S. News & World Report offers a great collection of ideas for saving on the cost of food, clothing, healthcare, and more. Such […]

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Calming The Anxiety

Not surprisingly, a growing number of people are feeling some economic anxiety. According to Yakelovich, a market research firm, the percentage of Americans feeling high or severe financial anxiety has jumped from 33 percent in January of this year to 61 percent in June. Of course, that 61 percent figure was tallied well before the […]

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