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You Can Pay Me Now or…

Spending money on vehicle maintenance is like flossing our teeth. A little bit of unpleasantness on a regular basis can ward off a whole lot of unpleasantness down the road. According to a article, $1,000 of vehicle maintenance can prevent $8,000 of repairs. The article highlighted the need for regular oil changes, tire rotations […]

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Getting Used to Saving Money

It’s car show season, the time of year when people pay to see the latest versions of one of the fastest-depreciating items known to man (can you tell I’m not a “car guy?”). A recent article by Yahoo Finance columnist Laura Rowley encouraged readers to save their oohs and ahs for the savings they’ll generate […]

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Where the Rebates Are

Complaints about rebates are skyrocketing, according to a story in U.S. News & World Report, with more shoppers growing frustrated over confusing redemption rules, tight deadlines, and other roadblocks to cashing in on the promised money back. Still, they’re a popular marketing tool, a way for manufacturers and retailers to promote discounts, all the while […]

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