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Spending Money With Peace of Mind

Living generously, being able to save or invest a portion of all income, and enjoying financial breathing space, requires smart spending. Here are some of the most important ways to get the most for your money in the major spending categories. As you read these ideas, keep in mind that they aren’t about obsessive frugality; […]

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More Planning to Cut the Cable

More than 90 percent of U.S. households subscribe to cable or satellite television services, but that number may have peaked.  CNN recently reported on a new survey in which one in eight pay-TV subscribers said they plan to eliminate or scale back on their packages.  No, TV viewers aren’t suddenly switching to books; they’re switching […]

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A Shopping Alternative

Retail sales have taken a hit because of the recession. But shoppers haven’t disappeared altogether; some have turned into swappers. As reported on Mainstreet.com, clothing swap groups have become popular on Meetup.com, a site that helps users organize or find meetings based on common interests. Everyone who brings something to the swap event may take […]

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Big Screen, Little Dough

Looking for some inexpensive entertainmment for the kids this summer?  Five Cent Nickel put together a helpful list of movie theatre chains that are offering free or inexpensive kid-friendly movies. Libraries often have special summer programs for kids as well. The great library in our little town is offering extra story times, craft-making sessions, and […]

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Cheap Eats

Dining out is high on the list of expenses people are cutting in light of the recession. But if you know where to look, many restaurant deals are there for the taking. A recent Real Simple article reminded readers about Restaurant.com, where $25 gift certificates for thousands of restaurants are available for $10. Get on […]

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Who Cares What People Think?

How do you feel about a person ahead of you in a store checkout line who is using coupons? Do you think to yourself, “Now there’s a smart shopper”? Or do you think, “What a cheapskate”?  The New York Times reported on a study in which people using low-value coupons (50 cents off on a […]

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Irrational Money Moves

Some of the most interesting (and odd!) research about money comes from behavioral economists and psychologists. As noted in a recent Economist article, one study found that diners tend to spend more in a restaurant named “Cafe 97” than one named “Cafe 17.” Another study looked the behavior of people who carry a balance on […]

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Free is Good

Each year, Kiplinger.com highlights its favorite freebies. In this year’s collection, it tells where to find free foreign language lessons, a free wireless connection while traveling, free e-books and sheet music, and not just one but two of the better free recipe collections. I’m writing this from a peaceful room overlooking a river at one […]

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Changing Our Money Ways

With our tough economy leading people to eat out less often, switch from SUVs to gas sippers, and generally spend less, an MSN columnist recently wondered what would happen if we all suddenly got and stayed money-smart? That is, what if we paid our credit cards in full each month (46 percent of households carry […]

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