Profitable Ideas: Making Good Money Habits Last, Career Lessons From ‘Hidden Figures,’ and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

5 mental tricks to make a good money habit really last (Forbes). How to set yourself up for success.

Working ‘til you die is a lousy financial plan (Time). As I like to say, plan vocationally, emotionally, and spiritually to work as long as possible, but plan financially to retire by your mid to late 60s.

‘Hidden Figures’ will teach you how to fight for your career (CNBC). Lessons from one of today’s most popular movies.

Notes for the New Year (Y Combinator). Career advice from the founder of several companies.

Map out a year’s worth of shopping right now (USA TODAY). Find out what’s typically on sale when.

Doing taxes yourself isn’t as hard as you think (Clark Howard). Everyone could benefit from some familiarity with tax forms.

12 small lifestyle habits you can adopt to save more money (Business Insider). Good, practical, real-world ideas for spending smart.

Some parents risk financial ruin taking on child’s college debt (USA TODAY). What if helping your kids pay for college means you will one day be dependent on them?

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