Profitable Ideas: Free is Good, The End of Car Ownership, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

Don’t make this 401(k) mistake in 2017 (Time). When it comes to workplace retirement plans, free really is good. Don’t miss out.

The end of car ownership? (Vocativ). Many items we used to buy are moving to subscription models (think software). Now a carmaker is giving it a try.

The most powerful force in the universe (The Irrelevant Investor). There’s a great lesson in knowing when Warren Buffett built most of his wealth.

Why your ‘career path’ probably won’t lead you to your dream job (Fast Company). Learning to embrace life’s twists and turns may serve you better.

Lazy work, good work (Collaborative Fund). Too often, we equate productivity with busyness. But our most productive work may come from the time when we are least busy.

Using mini-games for financial and personal improvement (The Simple Dollar). Overcoming obstacles and pursuing goals doesn’t have to be all about drudgery and hard work.

5 ways we spend on our marriage (Pretend to be Poor). Some of the wisest spending decisions can’t be justified on a spreadsheet.

5 ways to upgrade your old car with new car tech (USA TODAY). Just because you keep your car a long time (you do keep your car a long time, don’t you?), doesn’t mean you need to put up with old-car electronics.

Why older Americans are facing a student loan crisis (MarketWatch). It isn’t an act of love to overspend on our kids’ educations.

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