Profitable Ideas: The Domino Effect of One Purchase, Whether to Buy Life Insurance for Your Kids, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

The Diderot Effect: Why we want things we don’t need and what to do about it (Medium). Really good insights about the domino effect one purchase can have.

The Dow just hit 20,000, but half of America missed out (Yahoo Finance). Are you among the more than half of all Americans who are not investing? What’s holding you back?

7 ways to make your kids money-savvy for the future (Clark Howard). Did you know that the kitchen is a key place where kids can learn about wise money management?

6 reasons not to buy life insurance for your children (White Coat Investor). It’s amazing to me how often this idea gets pitched. Here’s your reality check.

Want a killer resume? Kill these 10 overused buzzwords (CBS Money Watch). Got any of these words in your resume?

The ultimate guide to Roth IRAs (Gen Y Planning). Especially if you’re young and on the early side of your career, a Roth has some unbeatable benefits.

Millions of families will wait longer for their tax refunds this year (Washington Post). Tax fraud is prompting the IRS to take a closer look at returns that claim certain credits.

4 tax mistakes that could lead to an audit (USA TODAY). It’s crazy how being generous could put you in the sights of the IRS. While we’re on the topic of taxes, here’s a bonus article from the same publication:  The ultimate guide to filing your taxes for free.

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