Profitable Ideas: Let It Go, Frugality Gone Too Far, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

How to decipher if it’s time to let something go (Becoming Minimalist). Minimalism seems to be growing in popularity. Here are some ideas for getting rid of some of your stuff.

Better than a bike (Humble Dollar). Good advice for getting kids in the game financially.

How big do you want your nest egg to be? (NY Times). Figuring out how much you’ll need for your later years is one of The Essentials of Investing.

The lost art of creating margin (Relevant Magazine). Much of our busyness is tied to money — shopping, squeezing in more work. What if we took a weekly timeout?

Understanding and ultimately curbing lifestyle inflation (Distilled Dollar). Some practical ideas for getting off the upgrading train.

The wisdom of garbage (City Lab). One more reminder that this needs to be the year our family finally starts composting. Do you do that?

15 simple driving tactics that will save you surprising money (and time, too) (The Simple Dollar). I’m not sure about driving barefoot, but there are a lot of other good ideas here.

Six signs you’re not frugal — you’re cheap! (Wise Bread). Personally, I’m not even crazy about the term “frugal.”

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