Profitable Ideas: Sentimental Savings, Airbnb Scam Alert, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Get sentimental about saving (Chicago Tribune). Advertisers know all about preying on our emotions. Here’s some interesting research about turning the tables and using emotion to do the right thing financially.

More homebuyers are taking out mortgages that stretch them thin (Clark Howard). This article could have been titled, “How to Make Sure Your House Owns You.” Far better to buy a house that leaves you with some margin.

Beyond soccer moms: Relocating for a child’s sport (NY Times). And you think YOU spend a lot on your kids’ activities!

How I shop: Specific tricks for your next trip to the grocery store (The Simple Dollar). Good, practical advice for keeping your food budget in check.

Bye-bye stuff, hello minimalism (Medium). I find the whole minimalism/simplicity movement very inspiring, and slowly I’m trying to reduce the amount of stuff we own. What about you?

The burden of all these little gods (The Gospel Coalition). A powerful meditation on navigating the intersection of faith and our consumer culture.

5 life lessons I’ve learned by adding a room to our house (Cash Smarter). Advice that likely applies to most major remodeling projects.

This Airbnb scam will ruin your vacation — and your budget (Wise Bread). A helpful watch-out as you plan your next vacation.

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