Profitable Ideas: Making Your Home Winter-Ready, Easing Into Minimalism, and more.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Your fall home maintenance checklist: 7 tasks to tackle before temperatures dip ( Summer ends this weekend. Here’s how to get your house ready for the colder days ahead.

These 401(k) funds took a beating in 2008 — and it could happen again (CNBC). If you’re one of the many investors using a target-date fund, be sure you know its stock/bond allocation and whether it’s right for you.

Nothing into something (Of Dollars and Data). Why having a long time horizon is so beneficial — in business, investing, and the choices we make.

I made one simple financial change and it lowered my spending (The Atlantic). Marketers want to make it ever easier for you to spend money. What if you made it more difficult?

A physician takes a step towards minimalism (The White Coat Investor). One man’s journey toward living with less.

A majority of investors don’t understand this key fact about the stock market. That’s a huge problem (Money). Hey, did you know there’s a bull market going on?

6 ways to unify when you and your spouse have different ideas about money (Crosswalk). If you’ve been living separate financial lives, here are some good ideas for coming together.

Why we buy the things we buy (Vox). “The logic of emotion triumphs above all else.”

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