Profitable Ideas: Four Uses of Money That Bring Joy, Strategic Frugality, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Money really can buy happiness if you spend it these 4 ways, according to science (Inc.). What uses of money have brought you the most joy and how do they line up with these four suggestions?

The more money you make, the more you can delude yourself (Indianapolis Business Journal). How to avoid a rude awakening in retirement.

Be super cheap on everything that doesn’t matter…but what doesn’t matter? (The Simple Dollar). Good advice. If you keep your expenses low in a lot of areas, you may be able to splurge in a few.

Not sure what to do with used razors? Now you can recycle them thanks to Gillette (USA Today). Great to hear about something else we can keep out of landfills.

The secret to slow fashion? Slow shopping. (No Sidebar). Getting rid of clothes you hardly ever wear is just the first step.

Interview with Joshua Becker on minimalism (Three Thrifty Guys). The backstory and good ideas from one of the leading voices in the minimalism movement.

Lifestyle creep: The biggest threat to financial planning (Betterment). One of the best solutions? Savings rate creep.

Do’s and Don’ts in appealing the student aid awarded to your college-bound child (Washington Post). A lot of typical negotiating tactics won’t work. Here’s what will.

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