Profitable Ideas: When Buying a New Car Makes Sense, How 3 Simple Changes Added Up to $5,000 of Savings, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Should I buy a used or new car? (The Simple Dollar). The math doesn’t point toward buying a used car as much as before.

The obscure charges that utility companies add to your bill (ProPublica). Have you ever taken a close look at your utility bill? You may be surprised by what you’re paying for.

I stopped buying 3 things and saved $5,000 (Reader’s Digest). How some relatively simple changes really added up.

As investors try to be more ethical, some find no escape from businesses they detest (NPR). “Socially responsible” investing has become all the rage, but what’s really behind that label?

Where ESG fails (Institutional Investor). A good follow-up to the previous article.

Who actually feels satisfied about money? (The Atlantic). Living by comparison is dangerous to our happiness.

How cognitive traps make it harder to let go of our stuff (Psychology Today). Why we hold on to what we don’t need.

How much time does the average American spend on personal finance? (The Ascent). Are you doing enough to keep your finances in order? 

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