Profitable Ideas: Managing Your Career While Working Remotely, The Financial Scripts You Live By, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

How to keep climbing the ladder while you work from home (NY Times). Working remotely and the challenge of staying visible.

The 10 highest property taxes by state (Clark Howard). When we moved from Illinois to Kentucky in 2012, we felt the financial benefits right away. If you’re thinking of moving, definitely take property taxes into consideration.

For your benefit (Humble Dollar). Making wise choices when signing up for benefits during open enrollment season.

When the siren song of market timing is the loudest (A Wealth of Common Sense). When your emotions are running high, step away from your portfolio.

What is a money script (and how does it impact your finances?) (Workable Wealth). How your unconscious beliefs are driving your financial habits and practices. 

6 energy-boosting tips to combat pandemic fatigue (Fast Company). How to keep the pandemic from weighing on your productivity.

The ultimate guide to a no-buy year (Forbes). I love this idea and can attest to its benefits, having gone this entire year with buying (almost) no new clothing. (More on this in the near future.)

12 things U.S. presidents have to pay for on their own (Reader’s Digest). That midnight run to Taco Bell? You and I pay for the motorcade, but the prez has to pony up for the chow. 

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