Profitable Ideas: When Free Isn’t So Good, Keeping Money In Its Place, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Is Robinhood good for investors? (The Irrelevant Investor). The trading platform has certainly spurred a lot of debate. Personally, I love commission-free trading and have benefited from fractional share trading (via Fidelity). The problem, it seems, is that these benefits have drawn people to investing who haven’t been taught about investing. It’s like putting a 14-year-old behind the wheel of a car, on a highway.

What to do when you lose your wallet (Money). Far better to have taken some steps to prepare in advance than to try to figure out what to do in a panic.

If you left the market, don’t wait to get back in (Bloomberg). 2020 demonstrated very powerfully the importance of having an investment strategy you can live with — and stay with — in good times and bad.

Shopping is not the same as buying (Seth Godin). Some reminders that are especially helpful this time of year.

Seven ways how not to die during your retirement (A Teachable Moment). Our money management is usually about achieving some goal — a new house, retirement. But if we don’t have our health, what’s the point?

Ain’t everything (Humble Dollar). Here are some signs that you’ve kept money in its place.

Hitting pause on the hedonic treadmill (Incognito Money Scribe). We could all stand to be a bit more intentional in our use of money. 

Don’t let shopping ruin your holiday season (Becoming Minimalist). Ideas for a simpler, more satisfying Christmas.

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