Profitable Ideas: Financial Happiness In a Tough Season, What You Give Up For a Coupon, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

All the happiness money can buy in the winter of Covid-19 (MSN). With our freedom to do stuff still very restricted, some good reminders about the most satisfying uses of money.

Kristina Ellis won $500,000 in scholarships and graduated without student loans ( For all who have college-bound kids, here’s how one student hit the scholarship jackpot.

45% of Americans don’t know how much tax is withheld from their pay (CNBC). I used to figure out and file our taxes myself and that provided quite an education about tax deductions, tax credits, and such. How well do you understand your taxes?

Can you think your way to wealth? (Kiplinger). How a “growth mindset” can help you grow your wealth.

This is how you can stop getting so much junk mail — for good (Reader’s Digest). To reduce the temptation to spend, it helps a lot to get off all those mailing lists — snail mail and email. 

10 intentional ways to reduce holiday stress (Becoming Minimalist). Good ideas for a more meaningful Christmas.

I saved $200 on groceries in one month by changing my habits (USA Today). How intentionally choosing certain constraints, like using a basket instead of a cart, can help you spend less.

How retailers track your every move in exchange for coupons and convenience (Vox). Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched? You are.

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