Profitable Ideas: In Pursuit of “Enough,” A Year of Focused Saving, and More

Weekly roundup of interesting and helpful personal finance articles from around the web.

Why having “enough” feels so elusive (Rad Reads). No easy answers here, just a good question we would all do well to ask ourselves from time to time.

How a post-college gap year set me up for a million-dollar retirement (Real Simple). A year of focused saving early in life can make an incredible difference.

5 creative and fun ways to reach your financial goals (Money Ning). Setting goals is the easy part. Here are some good ideas for the more difficult parts.

How long should you keep tax records? (Kiplinger). Now that the extended filing deadline has finally passed, what should you do with all the paperwork?

This start-up is making digital passports… for clothes. Here’s what that means for the fashion industry (World Economic Forum). An interesting idea that could change how we buy.

Still pretending (Pretend to be Poor). What happens when a frugal blogger moves on up?

Child tax credit 2021: Parents will start automatically receiving monthly payments July 15 (Money). Is yours among the 39 million households that’ll soon receive some cash?

4 ways to teach kids about money (Mullooly Asset Management). Good ideas for raising the next generation of wise money managers.

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