Profitable Ideas: Money Lessons From a 500-Year-Old Saint, Investing Has Been Forever Changed, and More

Weekly roundup of worth-your-time personal finance articles from around the web.

What a 500-year-old saint taught me about money (Incognito Money Scribe). The “financial examen” — a wonderful idea for cultivating a more thoughtful, intentional financial life.

The value of a college degree (Get Rich Slowly). “A student’s choice of program is perhaps the most important financial decision he or she will ever make.”

Capitalize on what you know to earn more (Money Ning). Is a side hustle an option for you? It might be more viable than you realize.

Hugging the x-axis (David Perell). This is the perfect time of year for some reflecting and this is a very good piece for help considering what goes into a great career, a great marriage, and more.

Time to reshop your home and auto insurance (Kiplinger). If it’s been a while since you’ve done some comparison shopping, a 15-minute call really could save you some money.

How Shein beat Amazon at its own game — and reinvented fast fashion (Rest of World). It can seem like buying inexpensive items is good stewardship, but fast fashion can foster more buying and it has spawned many other problems.

A wild, emotional year has changed investing—maybe forever (Bloomberg). Many people have been drawn to investing for the first time. That has the potential to be a very good thing, but the next significant downturn also has the potential to painfully separate the investors from the traders.

My metamorphosis: from past consumerist to current minimalist (Julie Devivre). One woman’s journey toward less.

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