Profitable Ideas: Why We Spend, Minimalist Principles for Raising Money-Wise Kids, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

The financial risks of the stories we love (Root of All). Great article that gets at the motivations for so many of our financial decisions. This might look like a long read, but it’ll be worth your time.

8 minimalist principles for our kids (No Sidebar). It would be far easier to raise kids this way than to try to retrain them later. See also, 14 reasons I’ve been able to sustain minimalism for 14 years (Becoming Minimalist).

A new prediction market lets investors bet big on almost anything (Bloomberg). The investing/gambling line is continuing to blur. 

Heads, hearts, and wallets (Finding Joy). Financial well-being isn’t the stuff of calculators or spreadsheets.

Subscription service statistics and costs (C&R Research). Quick, how much do you spend on subscriptions? You’re probably spending much more than you think. Do you really use all of those subscriptions?

Ready to buy a house? Just wait a few weeks (Bloomberg). With interest rates rising, you might feel the need to rush this decision. Far better to go a bit slower.

Advice for the class of 2022: what new graduates need to know about money and jobs (CNBC). Some good ideas for helping new college grads get off to a good financial start.

Think twice before taking out a private student loan (NY Times). If you have to borrow, a federal loan has its advantages.

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