Profitable Ideas: The Bible on FIRE, Spending in the Time of Covid, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Is financial independence biblical? ( The FIRE movement is growing in popularity, but has anyone stopped to consider it from a biblical perspective?

Let adult children fend for themselves? That’s outdated in today’s economy. (Washington Post). I can’t say that I agree with this one. It’ll be better for our kids long-term, and it’ll certainly be better for us, if we encourage independence as soon as possible. 

Home ownership leads to less happiness than expected, study finds (Science Daily). The always fascinating psychology of money: “people do not necessarily follow their own preferences when making decisions.”

Spending in the time of Covid: A love story (The Root of All). As with the Great Financial Crisis, changes in financial behavior are proving short-lived. But as this writer skillfully suggests, some lasting good does appear to be coming from the Covid-19 pandemic.

How to actually have influence at your job (Relevant Magazine). On becoming an others-focused leader at work.

Top bear market tips from 10 financial advisors (Kiplinger). What are the investment pros thinking and telling their clients these days?

It all belongs to God (Compass—Finances God’s Way). An intriguing question: “Are you carrying a burden of ownership that you have not been designed to carry?”

A biblical view of spending (Good Sense). A lot of wisdom here, all focused on helping us become prudent spenders.

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