Profitable Ideas: The Super Bet, A Financial Legacy Worth Leaving, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Record 50.4M American adults plan to water $16B on Super Bowl (Front Office Sports). Sports betting is becoming ever more normalized. I’m not a fan. See also, I treat people with gambling disorder — and I’m starting to see more and more young men who are betting on sports (The Conversation). And see, A psychologist explains why some people get hooked on sports betting apps (Fast Company).

Why do more buying choices cause unhappiness? (Psychology Today). On the benefits of becoming a “satisficer.”

Majority of teens feel unprepared to finance their future ( Parents, talk to your kids about money. (Help is on the way!)

What does it look like to be financially healthy? (The Long Game). A good list, but it’s missing something: You’re living generously.

21 life-changing minimalist experiments to try in your home (Becoming Minimalist). Lots of good first or next steps toward a simpler life.

Financial tips every young adult should hear (Relevant Magazine). The least expensive option may not be the most cost-effective option, and other lessons.

Research-backed ways to share generosity with family (FaithFi). To have raised generous kids seems like a worthy legacy to pursue.

The ‘Great Resignation’ is now the ‘Great Regret’ (Yahoo Finance). Words of wisdom for those who are thinking about making a job change.

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