Profitable Ideas: Broke Lottery Winners, One Money Move for a Better Marriage, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web. I do the reading skimming so you don’t have to.

Why do lottery winners go broke? (Common Good). In many ways, lottery winners aren’t so different from you or me. 

Ellary’s bake sale: how I’m learning from my generous child (National Christian Foundation). Great lessons on letting go when our kids want to be (overly) generous.

The real cost of what we buy (Becoming Minimalist). “We’re not just buying things with our money; we’re making decisions about what we value most.”

How your new car tracks you (Wired). Basically, our cars have become “smartphones on wheels.”

Four questions to ask before giving your child a phone (The Gospel Coalition). I also recommend using a contract. You’ll find the one we’ve used with our kids in the resources section of my site.

How to prioritize your spending (The Evidence-Based Investor). Budgeting isn’t about limiting spending, it’s about prioritizing spending.

The little-known way parents are beating college tuition hikes (Wall Street Journal). Reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated. Pre-paid tuition plans live, and many parents have found that they work really well.

Does merging finances lead to marital bliss or disaster? (Psychology Today). The culture is going one way on this topic while research and the wise go another.

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