Profitable Ideas: The “Good News is Bad News” Economy, Politeness Won’t Get You Hired, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Why are experts talking about low unemployment like it’s a bad thing? (CNN). A good explainer of this “good news is bad news” economy.

Ways to teach your kids about money on vacation this summer (Saving For College). A lot of this has to do with setting expectations before the trip begins.

Gen Z and millennials are already dipping into their retirement funds—even more than Gen X (Fast Company). It’s great that automated enrollment has increased retirement plan participation, but taking the money out early defeats the purpose.

Why you need medical, financial powers of attorney for your high school grad (Kiplinger). You blinked and they became an adult. If they get hurt or sick now, you’re going to need permission to talk with their doctor.

12 polite habits job interviewers actually dislike—and what to do instead (Reader’s Digest). Lots of helpful, counter-intuitive tips for making a good impression.

How I found true happiness living with less (Becoming Minimalist). One person’s journey toward a simpler, better life.

You may soon get an IRS letter promising unclaimed tax refunds. It’s a scam. (USA TODAY). Be on the lookout.

Money makes a horrible master and a valuable servant (Eternal Perspective Ministry). An essential reminder from one of my favorite biblical money management teachers.

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