Profitable Ideas: A Lifestyle of Generosity, The Math of Car Ownership, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Raising generous kids through a lifestyle of generosity (National Christian Foundation). “We taught the whole give-some, save-some, spend-the-rest thing, but I think the more important lessons were in how we lived.” See also, The cheerful giver (The Good Sense Movement). 

5 things my parents taught me about money (Art Rainer). What lessons are you teaching your kids about money?

Parents have a new incentive to fund ‘529’ plans (Wall Street Journal). New rules make them more flexible in case you don’t end up using all the money for college.

All you need to know (Humble Dollar). Investing isn’t as complicated as it may seem.

Carmakers doing little to protect the vast amounts of data that vehicles collect, study shows (CBS Money Watch). Today’s carmakers have unfettered access to all kinds of information about their drivers.

Generational researcher Jean Twenge on how smartphones destroyed Generation Z—and what parents can do about it (Time). One of the most loving things parents can do is to set boundaries and have conversations with their kids about healthy and unhealthy uses of technology.

Here are 3 costly financial surprises for first-time homebuyers — and how to prepare for them (CNBC). To be ready to buy, you need far more than a downpayment. 

The astounding math behind car ownership with Jesse Cramer (Peter Lazaroff). It’s changed over the years.

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