Profitable Ideas: Set It and Forget It No More, Generosity Done Right, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Your ‘set it and forget it’ 401(k) made you rich. No more. (Wall Street Journal). The Journal’s advice? Lower your expectations. Hmm.

Baby boomers are aging. Their kids aren’t ready (Vox). How are your parents doing? And what’s your plan for when they aren’t doing so well?

Taking charge (Humble Dollar). Ideas for coming to terms with life’s uncertainties—financial and otherwise.

5 common failures in personal finance (Best Interest). Sometimes, the best offense is a good defense. Here’s what to guard against.

Own less stuff and make your life easier: 3 ways (Rose Lounsbury). A well-reasoned call to simplify. See also, Maybe you don’t need a different house, you just need less stuff

12 ways to protect your account from hackers (Clark Howard). It seems like such a chore, doesn’t it? But getting hacked will lead to a far greater chore.

5 simple ways to avoid over-scheduling your kids (No Sidebar). It’s most parents’ dilemma—feeling like if you don’t sign your kids up for this or that, they will fall behind.

One thing my parents did right: giving gifts (The Gospel Coalition). A wonderful story about the lasting impact of generosity done right. 

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