Profitable Ideas: How Limits Boost Happiness, The Weekly Allowance Conundrum, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Want to boost happiness? Limit your choices (This Evergreen Home). In a world of countless options, we would be wise to choose limits.

Your phone is the key to your digital life. Make sure you know what to do if you lose it. (VOX). Some relatively simple steps we should all take.

Critical thinking, the weekly allowance conundrum, and more (The Contessa Counts). Lots of good advice here on raising money-smart kids.

Charitable parents prompt charitable kids, says Fidelity Charitable study (RIA Intel). Kids notice how we spend and how we give.

Colleges face gambling addiction among students as sports betting spreads (The Conversation). I’m not a fan of sports betting and find it really questionable that some universities are profiting from this industry at the expense of their students. See also, Sports betting companies advertise on college campuses, — but not to students, they say

10 ways to simplify your holiday season (Becoming Minimalist). Keeping it simple will help make it meaningful.

Six surprising things home insurance doesn’t cover (Kiplinger). If you have any doubts about what’s covered, call your insurance company.

When God provides a surplus, it’s always with a purpose (FaithFi). Good counsel about discerning God’s will for the blessings he bestows. 

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