Profitable Ideas: Future You, A Saver’s Superpower, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Time travel: what if you met your future self? (BBC). You’d probably take better care of your health, your relationships, your finances, and more!

Why is everyone so unhappy at work right now? (Wall Street Journal). “Quiet quitting” is all the rage. Maybe we’re looking at work all wrong. See also, Finding meaning in our work.

Is that an iPhone in your pocket? (The Contessa Counts). On keeping your needs and wants in balance.

The pay raise people say they need to be happy (Wall Street Journal). How much better would your life be if you made more money? Are you sure?

Bill negotiation services are a waste of money (Lifehacker). You can do it yourself—for free.

Facebook watches teens online as they prep for college (The Markup). We’re living in the day when privacy died.

These behavioral traits lead to greater retirement savings, research finds. Yet only 10% of workers have them (CNBC). The ability to think of “future me” is a saver’s superpower. 

5 tips to keep your money secure while traveling (MoneyNing). Before hitting the road, add these ideas to your packing list.

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